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    John Beiswenger, President and CEO of Beiswenger and Associates, Inc., has over 50 years of Product Research, Design Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing, Product Management, General Management, Marketing and Sales experience in high-volume consumer and commercial hard-goods including 20 years in health monitoring technology.

    Latest Development

    Developed and advanced the Biosymtec Monitor over a 14-year period.   The Biosymtec Monitor is capable of detecting viral and bacterial infections acquired by a patient days before the symptoms send the patient to the hospital ER.   Early detection of infections allows for early medical intervention when medications are most effective.

    The Biosymtec Monitor is the sole intellectual property of Beiswenger and Associates and it is available for licensing or acquisition.

    Selected Previous Accomplishments

    Headed the research, design and development of an in-the-field, self-maintaining, special purpose fax machine with one button operation.   Took product from Product Design phase to Pilot Production in six months. The machine was used to take orders from salesmen in the field and health data from patients in their homes (therefore, the ability to self-maintain was necessary on both fronts).   Patents issued in U.S., Europe, China and Canada.

    Headed the research and design of an all-new electric-convection barbecue grill, with highly competitive features, for a large gas grill manufacturer. Grill produced a better barbecue flavor than the client's gas grills and cooked an eight-pound chicken in 38 minutes, so juicy there was a suggestion the user should be warned about spilling the chicken when it was removed from the grill. Patent in process.

    Headed the research, design and development of a touch-screen digital alarm clock module with color LCD display and touch-screen features for a major electric housewares manufacturer.   To change the time, you just touch the numeral you want to change.   Complete product cost just $6 in a display carton. International (PCT) patent applied for. This technology is now available. Two issued patents resulted.

    Provided the solid-modeling (CAD) design of a three stage knife sharpener. Its unique design allows it to sharpen virtually any knife including kitchen, sporting, utility or pocket blades no matter your experience level since knives are automatically positioned correctly in each stage. Diamond abrasives allow sharpening with little to no effort. Three stage design sharpens and strops each knife, leaving it sharpened and polished to a finish that is at least as good as new. Sharpened knives in virtual space to test results.

    Provided the design and solid modeling of a complete line of boat navigation lights and horn, working with an engineering physicist. The lights were the "best-ever-tested" by Coast Guard. The two-mile lights were visible at four miles. Lens segments were ultrasonically welded together. Aluminum disk on top served as a heat sink which dissipated heat from the high-performance lamp.

    Provided the design enginering and development of the first working model of a small-scale surgical instrument sterilizer using the client's toxic chemical. Plastic cover was held shut and sealed by atmospheric pressure. Fluidic geometry washed the interior of the sterilizer and the instruments leaving no trace of the toxic chemical. Issued patent resulted.

    Headed the research and design of a new lawn feeder, using fertilizer cartridges. The lawn feeder was simply placed in the hose line connected to a lawn sprinker. 300,000 were sold into distribution during its first year. Issued patent resulted.

    Designed and developed the Dose Monitor which is a micro-electronic device that attaches to Metered Dose Inhaler canisters to tell the consumer 1. the number of doses remaining in their medication canister and 2. the number of hours that have elapsed since they last used the medication. The device displays its readings on an LCD, in simple analog fashion; the number of doses remaining in the medication canister and the number of hours that have elapsed since the medication was last used are displayed. The resulting bar-graphs are easy for anyone at any age to understand.

    International Experience

    Monitored start-up production in Ireland, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Observed tests at VDE in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Consulting Assignments - Product research and design engineering

    Current Consulting Assignment, Product Research Associates

    Abbott Labs - Blood analyzer carriage
    Acco-Swingline Corp. - Surge Protectors
    Aqua Signal Corporation - Boating navigation lights (Click on Image >)
    Aqua Signal Corporation - Navigation light/horn
    Autotote, Inc. - Computer terminal for wagering (Click on Image >)
    Borg-Erickson Corp. - Bathroom electronic scale
    Burgess Vibrocrafters - Foam soap dispensor   Produced from ordinary bar soap.
    Caterpillar (OEM supplier to) - In-the-cab alarm
    Edgecraft Corporation - Three stage knife sharpener
    Ferro Marketing - Rotating graphics display, P.O.P. sign reflectors
    Fortec Inc. - Electronic Advertising Payphone
    GE Appliance Corp. - Washer/dryer touch-screen control
    GE-Ericsson - Molded 3D PCB for hand held transceiver (Click on Image >)
    GE-Ericsson - California Highway Patrol Control head for 2-way radio
    General Time Corporation (Westclox) - Touch-screen digital alarm clock
    Gils Co. - Remote control for outboard motor (Click on Image >)
    Katayama K.P. - Ultrasound-guided transvaginal needle probe for aspiration of follicles for in vitro fertilization.
    Kavo Corporation - Fiber-optic light source
    Keytronics Corp. - Soft-key touch-screen control module
    Magnaflux Corporation - Ultrasonic Fault Detector
    Magnetrol Corp. - Liquid level control
    MDA - Toxic gas detector disk reader
    Northern Telecom (Nortel) - Touchscreen telephone (Click on Image >)
    Nuclear Data Corporation - Multi-channel analyzer
    Oak Switch Inc. - Touchscreen applications research
    OBOS, Inc. - Special purpose fax machine (Click on Image >)
    Oster Company - Electronic lighted mirror, Personal cooker
    Rayovac Corporation - Flashlights Primary 1, Primary 2
    Forest River Inc. - Microwave oven for RV with Coffee Maker
    Rosemount Office Systems - Office 1, Office 2
    Rubbermaid Corporation - All plastic, collapsible easel   Shown with fax scanning bar.
    Silite, Inc. - Manual trash compactor, Hot/cold beverage servers
    Simmons Juvenile - Baby crib hardware
    Steris Corporation - Surgical instrument chemical sterilizer (Click on Image >)
    Sunbeam-Oster - Digital alarm clock
    Suncast Corporation (Custom Plastics) - Hose end sprayers, Oscillating sprinkler
    Suncast Corporation (Custom Plastics) - Tank sprayers, Auto-rewind hose reel (Click on Image >)
    3M Corporation - Autovariable-flow blower for respirator
    Technomarket, L.P. - Touch display module with color LCD
    Thumbscan, Inc. - Thumb print scanner
    Touch Display, Inc. - LCD touchscreen controls
    Tri-guards, Inc. - Safety Lighting
    Wahl Clipper - Comb cleaner, Sonic denture cleaner
    Weber-Stephen Products Co. - Electronic gas grill control
    Weber-Stephen Products Co. - Online demonstration: Gas grill Timer/Ignition control
    World Dryer Corporation - Electric hand dryer for English market

    Employment history


    Beiswenger and Associates Inc. 2007 to Present
    Beiswenger and Associates is engaged in Medical Product Research
    involving the licening of early-detection health-monitoring technologies.
    Title: President and CEO

    Biosymtec Medical Inc. 2019 to Present
    Biosymtec Medical was created to develop the Biosymtec Monitor.
    Title: Chief Technology Officer                
    Predictive, Inc. - 2016 to 2018
    Title: Acting President and CEO
    Predictive, Inc. - 2007 to 2016
    Predictive was created to research and develop an
    early-detection health-monitoring device.
    Title: VP Research
    Hcl Inc., d.b.a., Healthcarelink - 1998 to 2007
    Telehealthcare - Provided graphing of vital data for patients and healthcare professionals
    Title: CEO and VP Research
    Beiswenger and Associates, Inc. - 1991 to 1998
    Product Research Engineering Consulting
    Title: President
    Brighton Research - 1988 to 1991
    Product Research Firm
    Title: President
    Intresearch, Inc. - 1982 to 1988
    Product Research and Engineering Consulting
    Title: President
    Acme Burgess, Inc. - 1976 to 1982
    Manufacturer - Lawn & garden and household electrics
    Title: Executive Vice-President
    Norland Associates, Inc. - 1974 to 1976 (and 1962 to 1964)
    Professional Engineering consulting firm - Product development
    Title: Account Manager (see Early Projects)
    Guardian Service Security Systems (Division of National Presto) - 1971 to 1974
    Manufacturer - Residential Security Systems
    Title: General Manager
    National Presto Industries, Inc. - 1968 to 1971 (and 1964 to 1967)
    Manufacturer - Electric housewares and personal care products
    Title: Senior Project Engineer
    Team Electronics (T & T Distributing, Inc.) - 1967 to 1968
    Dealer/Distributor of consumer and commercial electronics products - Rochester, MN
    Title: Vice-President and General Manager
    The Fulton Company - 1961 to 1962
    Manufacturer - Marine and automotive accessories
    Title: Electronics Project Engineer (see Early Projects)
    Electromatic Corporation - 1960 to 1961
    Product Research - Electronic Products
    Electronic Organ Service
    Title: President and Founder (see Early Projects)
    [Sold company to The Fulton Company.]

    Named on over 30 U.S. and Foreign utility patents - two in process (2014)

    Six most recently issued patents include:

      1995 - Optics for a finger print scanning device
      1995 - Surgical instrument chemical sterilizer
      1996 - Color LCD touch/display module
      1996 - Digital alarm clock electronics module
      2005 - Bioterrorism Detection System
      2014 - Apparatus and System for Predictive Health Monitoring

    Product Engineering experience and background includes placing approximately 65 products into production.

    An AutoCad user since 1985.
    Proficient in Solids-Modeling.

    Background also includes many years of experience with HTML, SQL, ASP and website design.

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