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Product Research is a "component of market research whereby the characteristics of a good or service, that will satisfy a recognized (emerging) need or want, are identified."*   John Beiswenger has experienced 20 years of product research assignments working within corporations, and 20 years as a consultant to corporations.

Internet Alarm Clock

Mike Elgan   "Bedside alarm clocks have been a standard feature of bedrooms for decades. They tell you the time when you're anywhere in the bedroom. They wake you up on time. They also let you listen to news or music while you're getting dressed in the morning. As with so many other things, the use of alarm clocks is on the wane, as they're being replaced by the ubiquitous, all-purpose mobile phone. But it doesn't have to be so. And it shouldn't be. Good alarm clocks can do things your phone can't." More

Beiswenger Research has developed, with an Industrial Design associate, the concept of an Internet-connect alarm clock which we believe will revive the waning bedside alarm clock industry.   It is available for licensing and further development.

Enhanced Memory System

Beiswenger Research has been studying the possibilities for such a device (system) for more than 10 years.   Research is also being done by others with remarkable success. Can you leave the chair in "spirit?" We are open to discuss the possibilities. [Design and rendering by Daniel Beiswenger - Click on Image to see full view]

Presymtec Monitor

Here's a project that is underway. Beiswenger Research is looking for a consumer-medical-product manufacturer to license the device for the over-the-counter market. This medical device, used daily upon waking, acquires oral and pulmonary pre-symptomatic signs in seconds, detecting respiratory and non-respiratory infections, before clinical symptoms such as a fever, permitting early medical intervention. It is very much like the StarTrek tricorder since the final planned model will detect 10 pre-symptomatic signs of health-state changes. [Product design shown by HS-Design]

Hydroponic Appliance

Beiswenger Research has recognized an emerging market for this product. Reseach has shown that the appliance, about the size of a two-door refrigerator, would be able to grow a surprising amount of produce for a family of three. A large-format plastic injection molder could produce the product economically.

Electronic Door Lock

Electronic door locks are finally taking their rightful place in the lockset industry. Beiswenger Research has been testing one for six months and found it to be quite practical. The design of the locks available leaves much to be desired.We would be interested in working with an Industrial Design firm, familiar with the lock hardware market, to solve the remaining appearance and function issues such as that of the Schlage electronic door lock shown.

* www.businessdictionary.com

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