BIOSYMTEC INITIATIVE   Early Detection - Early Response

The Biosymtec Initiative is a team of professionals* vitally interested in the need for an early detection/early response defense program against bioterrorism and any emerging infectious disease epidemic. The team has developed a national program to meet that need.
Biosymtec™ is a technology based on the discovery that certain sublingual and pulmonary data, acquired from an individual upon waking, and correlated with an algorithm, can determine the onset of an illness days before symptoms such as fever.   Early detection followed by early response is key to mitigating the effects of a disease epidemic or bioterrorist attack.

The members of the Biosymtec Initiative have identified a means to acquire sublingual and pulmonary presymptomatic signs quickly and conveniently.   It is Biosymtec Medical's
Biosymtec Monitor, which will also help deliver a high level of compliance.

When developed, the Biosymtec Monitor will be able to acquire key sublingual and pulmonary presymptomatic signs including basal metabolic temperature (BMT), Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) and others, and forward the data to a national monitoring center.

Biosymtec Medical is seeking a medical-product manufacturer to license and produce the Biosymtec Monitor.   Millions of devices will be required.   (Click on the image to view a related research study.)

* Family Practice Specialist, Infection Disease Specialist, Biochemist and John Beiswenger, a Product Research Engineer

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