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The Atemporal Particle Theory is a 187 page book and an update of the booklet titled, The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis.   The Hypothesis has become a Theory because I was able to propose a scientific test, and both a physicist and a medical doctor have made observations which support the Theory, as you will read.

The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis (see a review by a reader) is a non-fiction which collects the Hypothesis from my three novels, Link, Village and Bridge, on which they were developed, and adds commentary regarding Dr. Francis Crick's book and Jeff Hawkin's brilliant book, On Intelligence.   As it says on the back of my booklet, a hypothesis suggests, it doesn't prove.   It should be provisionally accepted as true to see where it leads.   My Truly Astonishing Hypothesis suggests answers to many questions which Dr. Crick and Jeff Hawkins do not.

The Atemporal Particle Theory goes much further.   It explains out-of-body experiences (OBE) and why individuals can enter the spiritual state through sensory deprivation.   The Theory explains near-death experiences which have been scientifically documented.   It also explains hyperthymesia, the ability of some to have an extremely detailed autobiographical memory.   Even phantom limb syndrome is explained by the Theory.   But most interesting of all, the Theory explains the savant syndrome, a condition in which a person demonstrates abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal, even though they may have neurodevelopmental disorders or brain injuries.   For example, it explains how the autistic twins, known only as John and Michael, were able to count in an instant 111 matches dropped on the floor.

The Atemporal Particle Theory expands on what the process of dying is like, what is really wrong with a cancerous cell, how the brain can recall distant memories instantly, how extemporaneous speech is possible, how the many parts of the neocortex are bound together (Dr. Francis Crick's Binding Problem).   The Theory confirms the existance and the purpose of the Atemporal Particle (in Christian jargon, the soul).   It explains if our brain is injured, why we can't recall certain things, and how a single-cell zygote can develop into a living, thinking human being.

The Theory confims there is a spiritual state while it explains the reason a chromosome is structured the way it is, how we can remember every event in our lives, how memories can be transferred through a transplant.   It explains ancestral memories, how savants can know what was never experienced by them.   It explains where memories are really stored (not in the brain), how conscious thought is possible, how the brain can perform difficult tasks in just 100-neuron steps, how growth and healing occur, what happens at conception, why we seem to have some of the talents of our ancestors, how a stem cell knows what to become, what directs a cell during the division process, why we need to sleep, why we age.   It suggests that we were designed to live forever.   It explains what an out-of-body experience is, when we are truly dead, why it is important to avoid radiation, how the brain is far superior to the most powerful computer, and suggests what is holding back scientists from discoveries beyond DNA.   You too will discover more once you read The Atemporal Particle Theory.

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