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Beiswenger and Associates, Inc., was first formed in 1993 as a Product Research Engineering company and has completed more than 50 projects for clients; a few are shown below. To see the latest product concepts developed by the company and available for licensing, click on Beiswenger in the navigation bar.

The Biosymtec Technologies segment of the business has developed a unique medical product, ready for final design, and available for licensing. To review, click on Biosymtec in the navigation bar.

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Self-maintaining, special purpose scanner with one button operation. The machine was used as a telehealth device to take hand written health data (BP, weight and answers) from elderly Heart Failure patients in their homes and automatically forward the data to a remote computer. Patents issued in U.S., Europe, China and Canada.

Touch-screen alarm clock with three color LCD display. The LCD can see the finger. To change the time, just touch the numeral needed to change. Complete product cost just $6 in a display carton. Two issued patents resulted. A version of this technology is available through Beiswenger and Associates.

All-new electric-convection barbecue grill, with highly competitive features, for a large gas grill manufacturer.   Grill produced a better barbecue flavor than the client's gas grills and cooked an eight-pound chicken in 38 minutes, so juicy there was a suggestion the user should be warned about spilling the chicken when it was removed from the grill.   Patent in process.

Provided the design and solid modeling of a complete line of boat navigation lights and horn, working with an engineering physicist. The lights were the "best-ever-tested" by Coast Guard. The two-mile lights were visible at four miles. Lens segments were ultrasonically welded together.

Beiswenger and Associates
Less than inch of wood stands between you and a burglar. In fact, 73% of burglars gain entry to a home by kicking the door in. One or two strong kicks to a door will allow
burglars entry into your home.

1. Conventional locks are at just the right height to kick in doors.

2. The two large holes required for installation of typical hardware weaken the door.

3. This new deadbolt lock is keyless and quick to operate.

4. The keyless touch pad is installed at a convenient height to use, well above the kick-in pressure point.

5. The height allows for easy viewing of callers.

6. Installation with four small holes doesn’t weaken the door.   Retaining slide shown cutaway to expose dead bolt.

7. A force-sensor in the lock triggers a camera in the keypad.

8. Photo is automatically sent to the customer's smartphone (and soon to the Biosymtec TeleKit).

The above product concept is an intellectual property of Product Research Associates, LLC and is available for license and engineering design through Beiswenger and Associates, Inc.   A patent application has been filed with counsel.

The FBI’s figures show that nearly two-thirds of the total number of burglaries were home invasion burglaries (around 685,766 total in the U.S.). Of these, the biggest share (56.7%) were committed by forcible entry.

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