Beiswenger and Associates' Televisit System

Screen Legend

The Beiswenger and Associates' Televisit System was created to satisfy the rapidly growing applications of televisit technology into many different markets, including, but not limited to, the following. It is available for licensing or acquisition. A provisional patent application has been filed.
Using a cell phone, tablet or laptop to televisit is like looking and talking through a window at someone on the outside of your home.
Using the Beiswenger and Associates' Televisit System is like being there.

All with the same device.
Screen Functions
The most important application.
1. Prescription (printable screen),
2. Patient (+ other) image or Camometer video,
3. Healthcare Provider image.
1. Developing Receipt (printable screen),
2. Product categories* or clerk provided video/graphic,
3. Store Clerk image.
Virtual Learning
1. Homework Assignment (printable screen),
2. Whiteboard** or Teacher provided video/graphic,
3. Teacher image.
1. Styling suggestions, receipt (printable screen),
2. Customer image (effectively a mirror),
3. Stylist image.
Zoom Meeting
1. Organizer's image or graphic (printable screen),
2. Image gallery of all attending,
3. Speaking attendee's image.
Online Banking
1. Bank Transmittal (printable screen),
2. Customer image,
3. Online Banking Teller.
Attending Church
1. Song Words (printable screen),
2. Church in Session,
3. Pastor or Music Director.
* Customer can use a touchscreen stylus to make selections.
** Student can use a touchscreen stylus to write on Whiteboard.

Note: Two capacitive technology control buttons are on the surface below the center display; they are Power On/Off and Touchscreen Keyboard On/Off. All other controls appear with a touchscreen keyboard on the display.

Side color bar lights provide variable colors and brightnesses or can be turned off (by touching either light bar) to obtain a full display screen.

Beiswenger and Associates, Inc.

Beiswenger and Associates focuses on non-medical product research.   The above are intellectual properties available for license or acquisition.
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