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"Death has lost its definition" is the heading on the cover of this novel.   The Search International research team is assembled once again, this time at a second community and Village established near Millersburg, Ohio. They are asked to study a strange experience that happened to founder, George Evans; one that changed his mind about the "process" of dying.

David Kasten is called upon again to report the team's discoveries to the world.   He inadvertently causes hundreds from nearby towns to converge on the Village in hopes of being healed by Rachel Evans.   Rachel urgently asks Kasten to fly to California to help the Evansí daughter, Jennifer, with a terrifying situation resulting from her late husbandís involvement with Search.   George and Rachel join him as the FBI and local law enforcement become involved.

Upon return to Ohio, George is asked to address physicians and scientists at the Mayo Clinic, reporting on his strange experience and the research teamís conclusions.   LaShauna Jackson, part of the Search research team, makes a discovery that changes her life.   Rachelís gift of healing produces unexpected visitors, causing George, Rachel and Kasten to conclude that their lives will no longer be the same.

A message from the author
When I first felt compelled to start writing Bridge, I was still editing my previous novel Village.   Editing is a slow, repetitive process which I tend to put off.   I was driving home from work on Highway 741 one day, thinking of nothing except seeing my wife, Kimberly, and spending the evening with her, when my attention was unusually drawn to a passing street sign which read, Kimberly.   I had never noticed that before, so I thought it might be God trying to talk to me through a series of coincidences as He has done so many times before.   Thinking about Kimberly, while seeing a sign reading Kimberly, was very coincidental.   So, I looked for confirmation - was it God speaking to me?   The next street sign read Thunder.   Thumder!   God's voice.   Yes, He was speaking to me.   The next street sign read, Bridge!   And the next read Book!   That was enough for me.   I went back to editing Village that night and began writing this novel, Bridge, in earnest.   As I am prone to do, I emailed my oldest son and told him how God had spoken to me about my work.   He has always been very skeptical and immediately used MapQuest to check the veracity of my report.   He wrote back and said, "Indeed, the street sign Kimberly is followed by Thumder, Bridge and Book.   However, are you aware," he added, "that Highway 741 (the road I was on) is also called Village?"   A clear message.   John Beiswenger

ISBN: 0-7414-6669-4 ©2011
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 218 pages
Category/Subject: Christian Sci-Fi

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